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Get involved: Building together a joint EU advocacy campaign on NIS topics!

As foreseen in the EU-US Summit final report and in the roadmap produced by the EU-US Working Group on Awareness Raising, ‘Security week’ pilots had run in 2012, first European Cyber Security Month was deployed in 2013 in 27 countries, culminating in a fully fledged EU and US Security month by 2014.


Organizing activities large or small, online or offline, one or many, it is your choice!


Stakeholder role


The European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) 2014 team is inviting public and private sector organisations concerned with Network and Information Security to get involved in this year’s October programme.


Furthermore, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Express interest of participation (through the contact form of the website)
  2. Fill in the activity form
  3. Participate in coordinators talks
  4. Respect the planning and ECSM brand characteristics
  5. Announce any change
  6. Evaluate and recommend improvements for next events


You may take into account the recommendations form 2013 report:




  • Generate awareness about Network and Information Security
  • Involve relevant stakeholders
  • Disseminate security information.



Support the ECSM

Being a champion is a way for you to officially show your support for the ECSM. Being a champion is easy and does not require any financial support.

To support the ECSM, your organisation will be asked to participate by reaching and educating customers, citizens, employees and communities through events, activities and/or other campaign distribution methods.


Attend an event 

 A range of local activities and events will be held throughout the ECSM across Europe. To read more on the schedule and activities of each Member State, please access the CALENDAR.


Spread ECSM message

 Spread the ECSM message through your friends, colleagues, business and consumer channels.


Share information

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