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Cyber Security Insights and all that
Date: 03 Oct 2016

Company Connecting is a niche search engine to connect IT companies with each other as well as potential clients and partners. We will publish a number of views and articles on Cyber Security during October.

We regularly publish insights into the various aspects of IT. We have researched companies in Scotland and Cambridgeshire and can provide isnights to the type of IT companies involved in Cyber Security. Throughout October we will be publishing articles related to Cyber Security.

Security Serious Conference 3rd October 2016
Date: 03 Oct 2016

The inaugural Security Serious Conference will take place from 9am-2pm on Monday October 3rd at the Churchill Room, Department of Culture, Media and Sport, 100 Parliament Street, Westminster, London

Attendees will hear first hand from some of the UK’s leading minds in cyber security in a three part programme:

1. Security Consciousness 101 – How top UK CISOs tackle employee security awareness
Phishing is successful, which is why cyber criminals still use this method to penetrate some of the biggest companies in the world. While great strides have been taken to change the culture of UK PLC to “Think before you Click”, the bad guys are getting increasingly clever and phishing is still successful 25% of the time. To keep pace, companies need to start making security awareness sticky and fun in order to resonate with employees. Hear from the top CISOs in the UK on how they get their companies and staff to think more carefully about security.
Vicki Gavin, CISO, Economist
Thom Langford, CISO, Publicis Groupe
Quentyn Taylor, Head of Security, Canon Europe
Amar Singh, Founder, GiveADay

2. Coping with the ever changing legal landscape – what does it mean for your security department?
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is due to come into force May 2018 and the questions are mounting - How will GDPR affect compliance? How do I meet the changing requirements when it comes to keeping customer data secure? Where should I harbour data? This discussion will also focus on how to use your client’s data responsibly and respectfully. Find out all you need to know and more about the pending regulation from those who have the answers.
Steve P. Williamson, Director, GRC, GlaxoSmithKline
Mark Deem, Partner, Cooley LLP
Jonathan Armstrong, Cordery Compliance
Ray Stanton, CISO, Inter-route

3. The importance of thinking like a hacker
The old saying goes “if you can’t beat them, join them” – this panel will help you think like a hacker to suss out the weakest links in your organisation. It will also explore the reasons modern organisations should hire a hacker (an ethical one, of course) and how industry can help encourage young cyber talent into career paths, rather than down darker ones.

Jennifer Radcliffe, a well known social engineering expert
Ian Glover head of CREST
Pete Wood, CEO, First Base Technologies

European City & Public Security Summit 2016
Date: 05 Oct 2016

Experts from the public and private sector will gather in London to discuss and find solutions on: Physical Security; Cybersecurity; Public Security; Major Events; Terrorism and more.

The European City & Public Security Summit, taking place on 5-6 October 2016 in London, will bring together policy makers and leading experts from the private and public sector, including former and current police and counter terrorism services and the heads of Security of some of Europe’s largest sports, leisure, retail and public attractions.
The Summit will address the most significant threats facing the EU and its citizens, risks to cities, industries and major events and will provide strategies to be better prepared to detect and respond to hostile intent, or a terror attack.

For further information, please visit www.citysecuritysummit.com

Cyber Security & IoT
Date: 06 Oct 2016

A themed symposium at the Malvern Festival of Innovation 2016

This day will showcase cutting-edge developments from some of the UK's fastest growing and most advanced cyber security SMEs alongside thought provoking insights from multinational experts in the field.

Cyber Security: Threats and Opportunities
Date: 13 Oct 2016

An informative, varied conference and exhibition looking at how and why organisations should align their skills and infrastructure with the UK Cyber Security Strategy

The day includes keynotes from the Cabinet Office, Andy Green CISO, Aprose Risk, live hacks, technical talks on security architecture, reports from the police on cyber crime and a look at cyber security for datacentres.

Infosec Week London
Date: 26 Oct 2016

In order to innovate the annual activities of Cybersecurity month, ShadowSEC and UEL innovate this issue doing a Infosec Week in London. From 26th to 27th October ShadowSEC and UEL (University of East London) will take place the 1st edition of Infosec Week activities, where will be given lectures, a round table and hands on workshops, aiming to discuss and understand key trends on Cyber Security.

From 26th to 27th October ShadowSEC and UEL will take place the 1st edition of Infosec Week activities, where will be given lectures, a round table and hands on workshops, aiming to discuss and understand key trends on Cyber Security

ESET Two-Factor Authentication Overview
Date: 27 Oct 2016

In this session, ESET UK IT Security Specialist Mark James will provide an overview of two-factor authentication and its importance for corporate security. Mark will guide you through the installation and set-up of the latest version of ESET’s Two-Factor Authentication product, ESET Secure Authentication.

Webinar on the advantages/importance of 2FA