United Kingdom


University of Salford
Date: 01 Sep 2015

We have two events:
- The future of Cyber Security conference
- The Fifth International Conference on Cyber Security, Cyber Welfare, and Digital Forensic (CyberSec2016)

Multi-Sector Cyber Exercises
Date: 28 Sep 2015

To help firms assess their degree of preparedness and info security maturity, ISMS Forum is organising the 4th edition of the Multi-Sector Cyber Exercises.

Between September and December 2015, 11 large Spanish corporations will be participating in the Multi-Sector Cyber Exercises. The initiative features four types of attacks and test both the technical and organisational ability of the organisation to respond to cyber threats. Besides an individual and comparative analysis of results, participants will also receive this year a special report on the legal implications of each type of attack. This activity is organised by ISMS Forum, which is a nonprofit professional association, and is free of charge for ISMS' members.