Security Study Hall - Bezpečnostná študovňa
Date: 12 Oct 2015

Security Study Hall is a library of articles from various areas of cyber security.

Table of contents:
- Security policies
- Organizational security
- Personal security
- Asset management
- Risk management
- Access management
- Cryptography
- Physical and environmental security
- Operational security
- Communications and network security
- Information systems lifecycle security
- Application security
- Incident management
- Security threats and vulnerabilities
- Business continuity management
- Compliance
- Security assessment and improvement

8th International Scientific Conference
Date: 13 Oct 2015

The aims of the Conference are professional discussions and plenaries on communication and information technologies and their use in education, scientific research, governmental institutions, and other spheres of life.

Communication Technologies
•Cyber Security and Network Operations
•Narrowband and Broadband Technologies and Services
•Network Protocols and Performance
•Access and Transport Networks
•New Generation Networks (NGN)
•Telecommunication Management Networks (TMN)
•Mobile and Satellite Communications; •Technical Normalization in Telecommunications
•Multimedia Communications.

Information Technologies
•Information Systems
•Computer Engineering
•Advanced Architectures of Computer Systems
•Parallel and Distributed Computing •Computer Grids and Cloud computing •Advanced Programming Languages and Environments
•Modeling and Simulation
•E-learning Technologies and Applications •Deployment of IT in the Armed Forces.

Malware analysis challenge
Date: 18 Oct 2015

Competition: analysis of malware sample.

Task for the participants is to analyse provided malware sample and write a report based on this analysis.

EU Stakeholder Brunch: Slovak Cyber Security
Date: 20 Oct 2015


It is a momentous phase for Slovakia‘s cyber security. With the new concept put forward by the Government Office of the Slovak Republic comes a new scheme that divides duties and responsibilities between relevant state institutions. The EU Stakeholder Brunch is organized in a phase after approval of the new concept (non-legislative) and drafting of a new action plan (legislative). Cybersecurity is now an integral part of the national security system along with foreign policy, defence planning, civil emergency planning and the coordination of intelligence services. The concept has been drawn up within the strategic and methodological framework set up by the enhanced NATO Policy on CyberDefence (2014).