Rep of Moldova


Conference "CyberSec Moldova 2017"
Date: 27 Oct 2017

The event is organized by SE. "The Special Telecommunications Center" in partnership with the Legal Information Security Center, the National Association of ICT Companies, the Electronic Governance Center, the General Police Inspectorate and the United States Embassy within the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) 2017. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness at European level to promote cyber security among citizens and seek to change perceptions of cyber threats through education, exchange of best practice and experience.

Cyber security experts, representatives of the public and private sector, NGOs and academics will meet at the conference with communications tailored to the various audiences (companies, parents, children and teenagers, IT professionals, etc.) , designed to help them to protect their personal data, to properly use online services and to minimize the risk of becoming a victim of a cyber crime.

CyberSec 2017
Date: 27 Oct 2017

National Conference on data protection, cyber threats, best practices on cyber security

The event has the following objectives: to provide an overview of the challenges of cyber security, both at the strategic and legal level, on international cooperation and through online protection of children; to enhance the capacity to address cyber security challenges; - to build and support a community of current and future cyber security leaders; - to design active networks of professionals in the field of cyber security and support the exchange of good practices.