During the European Cyber ​​Security Month (ECSM), ShadowSEC in Cooperation with CNCSeg (National Centre of Cibersecurity in Portugal), UKTI (UK Trade Investment) and UNICRI (United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute) will hold on 6th to 10th October the 4th edition of InfosecWeek, which promote lectures, workshops and round tables, with aiming to discuss key national and international trends on cybersecurity. Lectures - Audience of 100/150 participants (Free Admission) Workshops - Audience of 20 participants per session (Free Admission) Round Table - Audience of 120/150 participants (Free Admission) This event is essential for: ICT Professionals, System Administrators,Systems Information Managers, Managers of Business Continuity and Risk Management, Auditors, Students, CISOs, Security professionals, Army, Defense, etc. Further details on website: http://www.shadowsec.com/infosecweek/


Event 7
Date: 31 Aug 2015

The aim of the Cyber Bootcamp will be the contribution to the creation and the development of a national culture of cyber security, and the creation of a national cyber security community in Portugal.

To achieve this goal it is proposed the execution of an (in)formative marathon on cyber security open to the general public, where workshops will be available freely on a wide range of issues related to cyber security.

The ShadowSEC expect full support from private and public companies, associations and industry professionals working in the sector of Information Security, and who wish to share information on the subject of cyber security as well the participation of researchers and academics.
Further details through our contacts: info@shadowsec.com

C-Days 2015
Date: 07 Oct 2015

C-Days 2015 event aims to be an event with strong national and international impact and is a result of the National Cybersecurity Centre’s attributions, in particular the one’s regarding to awareness-raising, prevention and training towards a national cybersecurity culture

The C-Days 2015 event, that the National Cyber Security Center seeks to boost in October 2015, aims to launch an annual and national cybersecurity event to consolidate cooperation bonds and institutional and business relationships, which are essential for the implementation of the National Strategy for Security in Cyberspace, recently approved.

5th Edition of Infosec Week + Cyber Bootcamp
Date: 12 Oct 2015

5th Edition of Infosec Week During the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM), ShadowSEC will hold on 6th to 9th October the 5th edition of Infosec Week, which promote lectures, round tables, trade mission, capture the flag and other activities with aiming to discuss key national and international trends on Cyber Security.

In order to innovate the annual activities of the month of Cyber security, the ShadowSEC innovate this issue with doing two weeks of different activities, with the main objective of sharing knowledge, which held the Infosec week and Cyber Bootcamp.
From 6th to 9th October ShadowSEC will take place the 5th edition of Infosec Week, where will be given lectures, round tables, meeting, CTF (Capture the Flag) and other activities, aiming to discuss key national and international trends on Cyber Security.
For these activities the ShadowSEC expect:

Lectures - Audience of 100/150 participants (Free Admission)
Round Table - Audience of 100/150 participants (Free Admission)
Trade Mission - about 30 internationals companies (Invitation only)
Capture the Flag (Free Admission)

Cyber Bootcamp
Date: 19 Oct 2015

The purpose of this bootcamp is to raise awareness about cyber security and to promote a cyber security culture in Portugal and to strengthen the relations between the national cyber security community.

In this week more than 800 people can follow 63 workshops about the embracing field of cyber security (eg. cyber espionage, cyber defense, cloud computing, cyber terrorism, law, privacy, CERTs, critical information infrastructure, etc) during 6 days in the amazing city of Lisbon. That will be a completely free workshop (non charged).

Multi-facet Protection of Websites: the European Way
Date: 22 Oct 2015

Networking Session at ICT Event 2015 about the protction of Websites

ACDC and SWEPT partners are proposing an inter-stakeholder networking session aiming at sharing the cyber-solutions with a wide range of stakeholders. The session will include demos and easy to understand examples.

This networking session is jointly proposed by ACDC and SWEPT, and will link to the exhibition booth submitted jointly by ACDC and CYSPA. The exhibition booth which is focused on showing cyber-communities at work in Europe will showcase results from 3 completed projects (ACDC, CYSPA and IPACSO) and of SWEPT as an on-going project.

With this session, ACDC and SWEPT partners will use the interaction with stakeholders from research institutions and academia, IT security industry and Policy Makers to publicise the results and available solutions. For the SWEPT project, the aim is to use the feedback to improve its capabilities. The session will therefore provide an important opportunity for a wide validation of the identified research challenges and to discuss the developing roadmaps. For ACDC which ends as a project in July 2015 and will be operating as a self-sustained initiative, the aim is to publicise the results to attract new members, both as users of the ACDC services and as providers of new solutions.

On the other hand, this session would also be beneficial for the stakeholders, as they could adopt the solution that SWEPT and ACDC are proposing.

Confraria de Segurança da Informação
Date: 28 Oct 2015

A Confraria da Segurança da Informação é um encontro mensal onde, de forma casual, fomentamos a troca de informações e ideias sobre Segurança da Informação e outros temas de interesse.