During the European Cyber ​​Security Month (ECSM), ShadowSEC in Cooperation with CNCSeg (National Centre of Cibersecurity in Portugal), UKTI (UK Trade Investment) and UNICRI (United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute) will hold on 6th to 10th October the 4th edition of InfosecWeek, which promote lectures, workshops and round tables, with aiming to discuss key national and international trends on cybersecurity. Lectures - Audience of 100/150 participants (Free Admission) Workshops - Audience of 20 participants per session (Free Admission) Round Table - Audience of 120/150 participants (Free Admission) This event is essential for: ICT Professionals, System Administrators,Systems Information Managers, Managers of Business Continuity and Risk Management, Auditors, Students, CISOs, Security professionals, Army, Defense, etc. Further details on website: http://www.shadowsec.com/infosecweek/


Competências em Cibersegurança
Date: 29 Sep 2017

Date: 29 Sep 2017

Trata-se de uma iniciativa integrada nos Cibertemas do CNCS e que antecipa o Mês Europeu da Cibersegurança (European Cyber Security Month – ECSM) coordenado pela Agência Europeia para a Segurança das Redes e da Informação (ENISA). Com o objetivo de promover a cibersegurança junto dos cidadãos, empresas e entidades públicas, o CNCS pretende partilhar conhecimentos e ter um espaço para um conjunto de perguntas e respostas, sobre o âmbito do Regulamento Geral de Proteção de Dados e da Diretiva de Segurança das Redes e da Informação.

Conferências no Mês Europeu da Cibersegurança
Date: 11 Oct 2017

eCrime2017.eu (APWG.eu eCrime Cyber-Security Symposium)
Date: 24 Oct 2017

APWG.eu's annual summit for 2017 will take place in Porto (Portugal) next October 24-26, during the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM).

eCrime2017.eu will be a 2.5-day event, with an initial session on the group's research activities ('eCrime Research Day') and two full days of keynote presentations, technical and practical sessions, and interactive panels.

APWG's overall mission of unifying the global response to cybercrime will be well covered from different perspectives in this event, with a large variety of keynotes, presentations, and panels around the multifaceted phenomenon of e-crime. Registered speakers and attendees will come from both the EU and the rest of the world, including countries such as Japan, Brazil, China, or the US.

APWG.EU eCrime Cyber-Security Symposium
Date: 24 Oct 2017

eCrime2017.EU consists of 2 days of keynote presentations, technical and practical sessions, and interactive panels and 1/2 day of tutorials. This will allow for the academic researchers, security practitioners, and law enforcement to discuss and exchange ideas, experiences and lessons learnt in all aspects of electronic crime and ways to combat it. Attendance fees will be subject to sponsorships, so volunteers to sponsor are also welcome, but in any case will be easily affordable, as usual in APWG.eu events.
eCrime2017.EU will look at the operational challenges and development of common resources and best practices for first responders and forensic professionals. In addition, the conference will dive into current research projects and future areas of interest for cybercrime investigations, forensic techniques and infrastructure defense.
With eCrime2017.EU we will review the development of response paradigms and resources for counter-cybercrime managers and forensic professionals in the private and public sectors. Presenters will review case studies of national and regional economies under attack, narratives of successful trans-national forensic cooperation, while considering models for cooperation against ecrime and examining resources for cybercrime response and forensic enterprise.
This program will take place on October 24 - 26 in Porto, Portugal. We will be hosted at Universidade do Porto, located in Porto, the second largest and one of the main economic centers in Portugal.