Date: 01 Oct 2016

KURSOR is an educational project carried out by NASK and the Science and Knowledge Foundation. It is addressed to the entire school community - pupils, parents, pedagogues, school heads. KURSOR concerns the issues connected with safe and conscious use of the new technologies especially in education. Most of the materials created since the beginning of the project (2012)are interesting for each member of the school community - the presentations addressed to teachers and parents, films for children and youth, trainings for teachers’ councils. The new materials accompanied by a contest will be published in Autumn 2016 .

Let’s meet the safe internet with Mr. File and Mr. Folder – quiz for primary school children
Date: 01 Oct 2016

All primary school children are invited to check their knowledge about safety online. The only thing to do is to solve one of the two quizzes, selected depending on the age of the child - a quiz for classes 0-III and IV-VI of primary school. Both quizzes consist of questions that have been prepared based on the adventures of Mr. File and Mr. Folder - characters of the film “Web adventures of Mr. File and Mr. Folder" (film addressed for children aged 7-10, available here) and “Mr. File and Mr. Folder – Internet Explorers” (film addressed for children aged 11-13, available here). Those who complete the quiz successfully will be awarded with the diploma. Quiz is the initiative of NASK within the European Cyber Security Month, which is organized by the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA).

What to do if…
Date: 01 Oct 2016

Series of tutorials for internet users providing guidance on ways of reaction to illegal and harmful content on the internet like: cyberbullying, sextortion, child sexual abuse materials etc.

Capture The Flag Contest
Date: 16 Oct 2016

We will present a technical challenge for information security enthusiasts in which they will have to assume the role of an incident response team member to investigate a case of a possible security breach. Participants will need to show diverse technical ability, involving reverse engineering, forensics, cryptography and web application security. First contestants to complete the challenge will be awarded.

Technology Risk and Information Security Forum Wroclaw
Date: 20 Oct 2016

A group facilitating networking and information exchange among Technology Risk and Information Security professionals based in the Wroclaw area.

A group facilitating networking and information exchange among Technology Risk and Information Security professionals based in the Wroclaw area.

(Un-) Safe Citizen in the Virtual World
Date: 22 Oct 2016

If You want to know: - how someone pays by your credit card, if you still have it with you? - Why collect pictures from a friend on a social network can lead to break into your computer? - yellow padlock - is it enough? (and many others) Come and see!

Event for citizens

Date: 25 Oct 2016

20th Conference on Telecommunications and IT Security

SECURE Conference is the important event in the calendar of meetings dedicated to IT security issues. The conference is always held in October and since the beginning it has been organized by NASK and CERT Polska operating within the structure of NASK.