Emerging technologies and security challenges
Date: 19 Apr 2018

Workshop on technical, ethical and legal aspects of emerging technologies. This workshop is preperation to the ECSM 2018

presentation of ENISA report Looking into the crystal ball. A report on emerging technologies and security challenges and NASK project about Internet of toys

Navigate safely in the online cloud
Date: 03 Sep 2018

The project aims to disseminate the principles of safe and reasonable use of Internet resources among children and adolescents.

Project goals:
• Acquisition of knowledge about copyright, image protection and personal data.
• Developing the right attitudes towards hate speech, discrimination and violation of human rights.
• Developing the skills of responsible use of social media.
• Developing the ability to use information and communication technologies, in particular including IT tools available in the cloud.
• To present the history of the development of the Internet.

Digital toolkit (cyfrowa-wyprawka.org)
Date: 11 Sep 2018

Open educational resources on how to use new technology safely and responsibly; designed for teachers and educators to use in their work with kids and youth.

GDPR Explained
Date: 11 Sep 2018

GDPR Explained - open web resources raising social awareness regarding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Every step under CCTV surveillance, monitored online, data collected by state agencies and corporations – the development of technologies has its process.

Panoptykon Foundation (panoptykon.org) is the only organization in Poland that addresses the risks related to it and proves that we are not helpless: Panoptykon exposes malpractice; explains how to protect your data, computer, wallet or phone; struggles for law to protect our freedom and privacy.

Warsaw Symposium on Global Cybersecurity Awareness
Date: 11 Sep 2018

The third annual Symposium on Cybersecurity Awareness Messaging addresses the development of cybersecurity awareness programs and the exchange of best practices on the cybersecurity awareness campaigns deployment on national and transnational levels.

The two-day workshop will debate the advantages and obstacles when launching a national cybersecurity awareness campaign and what resources and measures influence a campaign to be effective.
Warsaw Awareness III´s objectives are to establish a global strategy for cybersecurity messaging with the development messaging tools as a form of cybercrime prevention regimen and to craft the most functional approaches to deploy a cybersecurity awareness campaigns.
In this way, APWG.EU and its correspondents worldwide are organizing the larger cybercrime prevention effort, unifying the development of effective awareness programs that can help the user be a programmatic and, we hope, reliable line of defense against predictable, everyday cybercrimes.
This year´s symposium is organized with the support of CERT.pl, NASK (National Research Institute subordinate to the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs) that has recently launched STOJ.POMYSL.POLACZ.pl campaign.

Forum of Digital Public Administration
Date: 11 Sep 2018

The main goal of the Forum is to be a clash of the needs and expectations of everyone interested in the digitization of the Polish administration. On the one hand, we want to talk annually about the future and technological challenges of the "digital government" in Poland, including cyber security.

In the main part of the 1st Forum of Digital Public Administration, we will address five independent thematic sessions in the area of:

• Innovation and technology
• Cybersecurity
• Digital infrastructure of the country
• Management of public data
• Digital competences

Przemiany Festival
Date: 13 Sep 2018

The Civilisation of Algorithms Humans are not the only ones shaping the future. More and more often, we pass that power on to independent machines and intelligent codes. Our civilisation created algorithms. What kind of civilisation will they create? 

1. Exhibition - Machina Sapiens
2. Przemiany Cinema
3. Lectures
4. Debate - Can we come to terms with AI?
5. Discussions - Machine Ethics, What's in the black box, Artist and algorithm,
6. Workshops - Medialab Przemiany, Open Labs
7. Concerts - Pin Park, Przemiany Live!, Noon
8. Przemiany showroom - mini AI expo

Przemiany festival – organized by Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw
Date: 13 Sep 2018

The future can not be predicted, but it can be shaped. Participants of the Przemiany festival organized by the Copernicus Science Center can see that each of us has the power to create the future. The motto of this year's festival edition is CIVILIZATION OF ALGORITHMS.

It's not just people who shape the future. We are increasingly passing this power on to independent machines and intelligent codes. Our civilization has created algorithms. And what civilization will they create?
Are further applications of artificial intelligence depriving us of the driving force? Are we confident enough in neural networks and programs analyzing huge amounts of data to give them control over our lives without fear? How to ensure that the mechanisms that automate more and more new areas of our lives take into account different points of view, not just simple regularities and selective information? How will the wider use of artificial intelligence affect society? During the eighth edition of the Przemiany festival, we check how algorithms change our civilization.

Security Case Study 2018
Date: 13 Sep 2018

Security Case Study is the conference organised by practitioners and professionals who deal with IT security and digital investigations issues on a daily basis, ready to share their experiences and knowledge.

The agenda will include the most important, current cases, taken from the life of IT security and digital investigations specialists. Proposed formula of the case study naturally facilitates sharing their experiences and recommendations based on discussed issues, cyber threats and attacks on organisations. Speakers will share their unique knowledge gained only in emergency situations. The cases will be presented from both equally important perspectives – the technical and the organisational ones.

Security Case Study has been growing every year since its creation 5 years ago, and is gathering speakers and participants from all around the world, making it an international event.

EU Symposium on Electronic Crime Research
Date: 17 Sep 2018

eCrimeEU 2018 we will review the development of response paradigms and resources for counter-cybercrime managers and forensic professionals in the private and public sectors.

eCrimeEU 2018 will dive into current research projects and future areas of interest for cybercrime investigations, forensic techniques and infrastructure defense. Operational and research insights for fighting electronic crime will be complimented and augmented with discussions on citizen awareness programs to help ensure a secure computing environment. This year’s meeting will bring a focus on the shifting nature of cybercrime and the inherent challenges of managing that dynamic threats cape.
With eCrimeEU 2018 we will review the development of response paradigms and resources for counter-cybercrime managers and forensic professionals in the private and public sectors. Presenters will review case studies of national and regional economies under attack, narratives of successful trans-national forensic cooperation, while considering models for cooperation against ecrime and examining resources for cybercrime response and forensic enterprise.
This program will be held on September 17th- 19th in Krakow, Poland.
This event has received the support of CERT.pl, NASK (National Research Institute subordinate to the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs) that has recently launched STOJ.POMYSL.POLACZ.pl campaign.

Date: 01 Oct 2018

The project is rocked with 15 thematic meetings on the use of commonly available security as well as more advanced ones.

Participants will be only students of Administration. The schedule is about professional data protection, with no need to know much about cryptography and how to engage professional IT tools. The overriding thesis will be the habit of taking care of their privacy and their data.

Kick-off event
Date: 01 Oct 2018

Kick-off event will launch a month-long campaign during which we will be presenting projects and initiatives implemented in Poland, related to the promotion of knowledge about the safe use of the Internet and the development of modern technologies.

Cyber Europe 2018 - summary and presentation of national report (closed session)
Date: 03 Oct 2018

During the session there will be a discussion of the national report on the course of the exercise and the preparation of a part of the European report

IT School (IT Szkoła) ranking gala awards
Date: 05 Oct 2018

IT School ranking is prepared on the basis of measuring the activity of students' participation in individual categories of the program's activities: courses for students, IT stationary universe, online IT universe, IT contests and academic research clubs.

IV European Cybersecurity Forum - CYBERSEC 2018
Date: 08 Oct 2018

CYBERSEC is an annual public policy conference dedicated to the strategic challenges of cybersecurity, launched in 2015, a unique in Central and Eastern Europe and one of the top five cybersecurity events in Europe. Our mission is to build the foundations of mutual trust and translate challenges into new opportunities for a better tomorrow.

With cyber disruption on the rise, the world is inevitably facing the emergence of new security challenges. They require responsible leadership to advance strategic actions and collaborative efforts of all stakeholders. A further development of our societies and economies will largely depend on whether we can make cyberspace truly secure. Strong confidence in digital public and commercial services is instrumental to build a trustworthy cyberspace.
Meanwhile, current trends are alarming. More and more state actors are developing their offensive capabilities to disrupt information systems of their adversaries, as well as using digital media to wage information warfare, which increasingly puts the foundations of democracy in jeopardy. Furthermore, the likelihood of terrorist activities in cyberspace and increasing cybercrime which generates enormous losses for the global economy complement this rather grim picture.
The EU is strengthening its strategic autonomy. However, to build cybersecurity in Europe it is necessary to maintain close transatlantic relations and enhance regional cooperation. Governments create strategies, policies, standards and rules for cybersecurity, but they cannot forget that their implementation hinges upon close and trust-based cooperation with private sector. And finally, all actors must act with the welfare of every citizen in mind.

Competences of the future and job possibilities in modern technologies - a workshop for youth
Date: 09 Oct 2018

On October 9th at the NASK headquarters a youth workshop will be held regarding competences and occupations of the future.

We will present labor market forecasts and show job opportunities in modern technologies, not only for IT specialists, but also for humanists. Speakers will talk about their jobs and answer the questions of young people. A women's perspective will be presented by the Geek Girls Carrots organization.

The Congress of Young Internet Users (Kongres Młodych Internautów - KoMIn)
Date: 11 Oct 2018

The Congress of Young Internet Users (KoMIn) was created by NASK in 2011 in order to establish cooperation between specialists and pupils and teachers from schools around the country. This cooperation aims to better understand educational needs in the field of network security, encourage to co-create information materials and popularize knowledge about Internet threats.

The Cyber Academy conference
Date: 17 Oct 2018

The Cyber Academy conference brings together expert representatives from science, business, public administration and students to exchange on the latest trends, challenges, and threats in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. The conference will be presented across two stages.
Cybersecurity stage: will focus on practical solutions and easy-to-follow ways to protect yourself from cyber threats, It will be an opportunity for participants to learn about common threats to Polish entrepreneurs and how to defend against them.
Artificial Intelligence stage: will aim at raising awareness on the potential of artificial intelligence, its applications, opportunities, challenges and impact in the business World. We focus on the practical applications of AI. We will also demonstrate how Polish start-ups and international companies successfully adapted and implemented AI.

SECURE 2018 Conference
Date: 23 Oct 2018

SECURE Conference is the important event in the calendar of meetings dedicated to IT security issues. The conference is always held in October and since the beginning in 1996 it has been organized by NASK and CERT Polska in Poland. The conference is addressed to administrators, security team members and practitioners in this field.
SECURE is an unique opportunity to listen to leading security experts from Poland and abroad. It also presents the latest knowledge on current threats and trends in ICT security as well as gives occasion to exchange experience with experts. During the conference specialized workshops and SECURE Expo are also organized.

Digital Shapers 2018
Date: 25 Oct 2018

A list that distinguishes outstanding personalities of the digital world and new technologies in Poland. It promotes competence in the field of digitisation and new technologies through positive examples.

There are five categories of Digital Shapers: education, digital transformation, investments, innovations and technologies, visionary.

The selection of Digital Shapers will be carried out by Digital Academy - an independent group of experts in the world of new technologies, maintaining all the procedures of an independent auditor.

We invite you to submit yourself or your candidates for the title Digital Shapers 2018 - lists of outstanding personalities of the digital world and new technologies. This is another project of the Digital Poland Foundation. More about the initiative in the link. You will also find an application form here.

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