Entrepreneur, do you think that your business is safe on the net?
Date: 01 Sep 2015

Polish Chamber of Commerce and CERT.PL invite to the conference "Entrepreneur, do you think that your business is safe on the net?", which aims to present the most common threats in the network, as well as practical preparation of entrepreneurs from the SME sector to a more informed use of digital tools in the field of data security, internet money transfers, on-line communication. During the conference, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the annual report CERT.PL, take part in a panel with key suppliers of digital technologies in Poland (Facebook, Microsoft, UPC Poland, ORANGE Poland), as well as take part in workshops aimed at practical protection malware.

Kursor Contest
Date: 01 Oct 2015


Kursor Contest is  an event organised by NASK, in cooperation with Science and Knowledge Foundation, dedicated to pupils and school teachers. Main purpose is to promote using new technologies during studying and teaching process and to present school, as a friendly and modern place for kids and students. The challenge for pupils would be to create (using forms like internet memes, short videos, clips etc.), materials that show ways of using Internet safely or present advantages of using multimedia study materials, available on the Science and Knowledge Foundation website (http://www.edukator.pl/eduv2/). Contest for teachers would be to make material that summarize and approve use of the modern technologies during teaching.            

Online Internet Security Quiz
Date: 01 Oct 2015

Online Internet Security Quiz is organized for the third time by the CERT PolskaL team operated within NASK as an opportunity for Internet users to verify their knowledge about Internet Security and Safety. Quiz performs also educational function, after every question users will receive link to Security Awareness Newsletter OUCH! publication in Polish and English , where they can gain additional information about tested area.

Rufus in trouble
Date: 01 Oct 2015

Rufus in trouble is an online interactive video-game presenting some internet threats and ways of reacting to them in a difficult online-related situations. A player (or a group of players) accompanies Rufus character, who is a schoolboy, during his ordinary day activities and makes decisions on Rufus's actions concerning online threats which are appearing during the game. The situations encountered by Rufus concern both trivial matters (turn on or turn off the mobile phone during lesson in school) as well as more dangerous situations (e.g. to meet with a stranger they met online or give up such an opportunity).

HackMe challenge
Date: 01 Oct 2015

HackMe challenge is a contest dedicated for all security enthusiast,
especially reverse engineers. Participants will gain a chance to become a member of the Incident Response Team, which try to fix an error occurred in the company security system.

Date: 01 Oct 2015

SECURE 2015 is an annual conference of the longest history in Poland, which presents the newest solutions, analysis of the current threats, latest trends in ICT security as well as important legal issues. Participants have an unique opportunity to gain the latest knowledge, improve their qualifications and exchange experience with experts. SECURE's unique feature is the organisers' commitment to providing participants with reliable information about current topics in IT security. A high professional level of the talks is ensured by CERT Polska team during the paper selection process. The conference is accompanied with several hands-on workshops for IT professionals covering specific topics of ICT security e.g. threat detection and incident analysis for SMEs.

Date: 19 Oct 2015

Zajęcia komputerowe dla klas IV - VI

zajęcia mające na celu propagowaniem wiedzy na temat bezpiecznego korzystania z Internetu oraz przestrzeganie uczniów przed potencjalnymi zagrożeniami oraz promowanie modelu świadomego i odpowiedzialnego korzystania z sieci