ESET Security Day Amsterdam
Date: 07 Oct 2015

ESET Security Days Amsterdam is one of the IT security awareness events organized by ESET, that takes place in 14 different countries worldwide. It aims to inform on current trends in IT security.

At ESET Security Days you can meet with leading IT security experts and professionals, follow the latest trends in technology and threats to information security in companies, engage with local guest speakers on IT security issues and standards, put your questions about IT security to our panel of industry experts.

Alert Online
Date: 26 Oct 2015

The fourth edition of the campaign Alert Online will take place between 26 October and 6 November 2015. Alert Online is the national cyber security awareness campaign in the Netherlands, aiming to make Dutch citizens safer online. This year’s theme? Digitally responsible entrepreneurship.

The Netherlands is one of a select group of countries with the highest number of internet connections. And more people use internet banking here than in any other country in Europe. We are online everywhere, all the time. This gives the Netherlands a head start, creating new opportunities for innovation and economic growth. It also means that we all have to be particularly aware of the dangers and risks. That is why the campaign Alert Online exists.

Alert Online is aimed at citizens, independent entrepreneurs, companies, organisations and their staff. A broad target group. Because people often use the internet both for work and private purposes and these two areas increasingly overlap. Working on their home computer for example, or going on Facebook using the cell phone from their work. This exposes people and organisations to such risks as viruses, files accidentally ending up on the street, or falling prey to fraudsters and cybercriminals.

By drawing attention to the various initiatives in the field of cyber security in the Netherlands, we can take cyber security expertise in our society to a higher level.

European Union anti-Phishing Initiative : NL workshop
Date: 02 Nov 2015

EU-PI ( organise on November the 2nd, during NCSRA Symposium in Den Hague, a workshop dedicated to phishing issues. The public reporting platform will be presented and experts from the public and private sectors debate the risks and opportunities in the fight against phishing.

EU PI is a EU-funded pilot project to provide an online reporting platform in France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. It will help identify new phishing attacks and trends, but also help disrupt them, by blocking the pages quickly in most recent Web browsers. Our workshop will help you understand what the Dutch and European authorities, along with the researchers from the private sector, are doing against phishing today. But also the various issues and opportunities ahead to impact this kind of cybercrime. Join Europol, the National CERT of Luxembourg, University of Twente or Fox-IT experts to learn the latest tactics or responses, and what you can do to fight phishing as a citizen, an organisation, a civil servant or an information security researcher.