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Clever klicken - BEE SECURE
Date: 10 Sep 2014

BEE SECURE is a joint initiative of the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy, the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region and the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth. The 2014-2015 national information campaign "Clever klicken" is raising users’ awareness of online scams. Target audience: school children, public at large. BEE SECURE is operated by the National Youth Service (SNJ), KannerJugendTelefon (KJT) and Security made in Lëtzebuerg (SMILE g.i.e.).

Clever klicken is a one-year BEE SECURE national information security campaign on the theme of “online scams”, specifically tailored to

raise awareness in schools and in the public at large. It aims at teaching the user safe Internet skills, especially when surfing on the

Net, receiving scam mails, buying online or engaging in legal contracts through online accounts.The kick-off will take place during Luxembourg’s Electronic Media week starting Sept 10th. A national press conference is scheduled on September 18th, and a first youth focused event on 27th of September. 4 000 posters and 50 000 flyers will be distributed to over 200 Luxembourg municipalities, colleges, schools, youth centers, social institutions, etc. 25 public and private partners are participating in the campaign.