Building capacity of Lithuanian CSIRTs
Date: 12 Oct 2016

In Lithuania, there are several independently operating CSIRTs that are listed members of Trusted Introducer and FIRST. The goal of the seminar is to encourage their efficient collaboration and build their capacity.

The topics that will be covered during the event:

1. Introduction: Review of Lithuanian CSIRT teams. Presented by Marius Urkis, NRD CIRT
2. CSIRT communities development and practices: news from FIRST, Trusted Introducer, ITU. Presented by Marius Urkis, NRD CIRT
3. Renewed FIRST model for CSIRT services. Presented by Dr Vilius Benetis, NRD CIRT
4. CSIRT maturity models and their usage. Presented by Marius Urkis, NRD CIRT
5. Introduction of academic LITNET CERT. Presented by Milda Mimienė, LITNET CERT
6. Workshop: Lithuanian CSIRTs services and opportunities for collaboration. Moderated by Dr Vilius Benetis and Marius Urkis, NRD CIRT