Digital Era 2017
Date: 26 Apr 2017

4th annual EU GDPR event Digital Era brings together industry experts from different governmental and private sector. 2 parallel sessions, many interesting topics, all sessions live streaming and free access to all its content.

''Digital Era'' is very well known event for 4 years. Its organizers are Baltic leading cyber security company "Data Security Solutions" cooperating with Latvian Certified Personal Data Protection Specialists Association. This is the event cycle which is for EU GDPR which will come into force in May 2018.
Although, Latvian private and public sector will be well prepared for this, leading specialists (auditors, lawyers, IT specialists, Data Protection Officers, Risk Managers and others) will share their knowledge and experience looking at latest and most innovative solutions as well as the most important market trends and regulatory rules in Latvia and EU.

Age of Security Forum 2017 in Riga
Date: 16 May 2017

International information Security Conference

Age of Security Forum 2017 is a series of international conferences, which will take place in Vilnius (11.05), Riga (16.05) and Tallinn (18.05). The goal of the Forum is presenting leading information security solutions and methodologies according to Gartner recommendations and Gartner Magic Quadrants, as well as sharing best practices and experience on how to effectively defend against modern cyber threats and to be compliant with GDPR.

Special guest of the Forum - Mr. Vladislav Shapiro (USA), an independent IT-expert, a regular attendee, presenter and speaker at many prominent industry events, including Gartner Catalyst, Gartner IDM Summit, IT Experts and others. At the Forum Mr. Shapiro will talk about cyber threats evolution, trends and EU state of security, including privacy laws and GDPR. Based on his own experience, trends and fresh 2016-2017 data from respected sources, he will make several predictions about which cyber threats will get more attention and be more dangerous in the nearest future.

Participation is free. To chechk the programm and get registred, please, go to:

Date: 19 Oct 2017

DSS ITSEC 2017 - Baltic biggest event in cyber security. 9 parallel sessions, amazing expo area, leading experts from all around the world with many interesting topics. All sessions are live video streamed and there is free access to all its content.

DSS ITSEC is Baltic’s largest, annual security vendor independent conference and exhibition, launched by Data Security Solutions in 2010, in eort to promote Information Technology Security in the region. The conference is widely recognized for its rich content and splendid international outreach.

Year 2017 marks 8 years of contribution to strengthening Regional Cyber Security by DSS and its partners. The DSSITSEC 2017 will focus on the EU GDPR, future of ICT Security Sector in the Baltics, Nordics, CEE, and CIS regions, discussing evolving industry trends, creating new partnerships, sharing best practices and most recent technological developments.