CSX Cybersecurity Fundamentals workshop
Date: 05 Oct 2016

This workshop will prepare all learners for the CSX Fundamentals Exam. It is also an excellent resource for professionals in the field looking for a cyber security refresher course. The course is ideal for college/university/high school students and recent graduates, those new to the field, as well as those looking to change careers.

The course covers the key areas of Cybersecurity:

1. Cybersecurity objectives and roles and the difference between cyber security and information security.
2. The principles of Cyber Security.
3. Information Security within LifeCycle Management.
4. Risks and vulnerabilities.
5. Incident Response.

IT security conference „Cyberchess 2016"
Date: 06 Oct 2016

This is one of the largest events in Latvia dedicated to the IT security with approx.500 participants. Event is co-organized by CERT.LV and ISACA Latvia Chapter.

Fourth Annual Cyber Security Conference: Integrating Cyber Domain into Professional Military Education
Date: 26 Oct 2016

The Baltic Defence College is organising the 4th Annual Cyber Security Conference on Integrating Cyber Domain Into Professional Military Education in Riga, Latvia on 26-27 October 2016. The Conference is aimed at exploring education strategies and methodologies in cyber domain and incorporating different domains by offering interdisciplinary cyber education which would link together the understanding of the development and employment of capabilities necessary to operate in cyberspace and their integration and coordination with other operational domains.

The Fourth Annual Conference on Cyber Security will offer a range of keynote presentations, panel discussions and a workshop which will allow participants to share the ideas and experiences of integrating cyber domain into educational curricula by identifying and discussing challenges, best practice standards and methodologies in the area.

7th International Annual Conference "DSS ITSEC 2016"
Date: 27 Oct 2016

Last year's top3 event from ENISA's cyber security month of October. 8 parallel sessions, many different ITSEC trending topics, over 80 international speakers, all sessions live video streaming and free access to all its content. Happens in Riga, Latvia annually.

DSS ITSEC is Baltic’s largest, annual security vendor independent conference and exhibition, launched by Data Security Solutions in 2010, in eort to promote Information Technology Security in the region. The conference is widely recognized for its rich content and splendid international outreach.

Year 2016 marks 7 years of contribution to strengthening Regional Cyber Security by DSS and its partners. The DSSITSEC 2016 will focus on the future of ICT Security Sector in the Baltics, Nordics, CEE, and CIS regions, discussing evolving industry trends, creating new partnerships, sharing best practices and most recent technological developments.

DSS ITSEC 2016 will bring together top ICT Security professionals from industry’s leading technology vendors, international organisations and agencies, local and regional businesses, as well as, representatives of government and public sector.