AR CECUA members
Date: 01 Oct 2015

CECUA has been raising awareness on IT opportunities and dangers for more than 25 years working with EU and EP institutions and agencies such as EIF, EURid and now ENISA. CECUA is an independent non for profit organization offering expertise on the views and concerns of personal and professional users of information technology. The expertise takes into account the interests of users vis-à-vis citizens, politics, industry and the diversity of European Countries and Regions. With the ever accelerating technical progress, the complex issues arising and the unknown outcome of product development users, politicians and industry are not able to comprehend ramifications and prepare appropriate actions for the interests they represent. CECUA is serving these interests on a strategic level taking into account the long-term views of users.

CECUA is addressing those interests by participating in relevant activities and by delivery of related comments, papers and proposals. As a virtual organization, CECUA uses electronic means for internal and external working and communication as well as electronic access to information. A reliable network ensures timely and reliable information. In this way, CECUA is a reliable and trustworthy partner. With its 30 years long experience as well as up-to-date information is important for effective contacts with European Commission, European Parliament and other stakeholders.