European Researcher's Night: The security risks of smart mobile devices through the example of Pokémon Go ( Bányász Péter)
Date: 29 Sep 2017

Almost everyone has smart devices in their pocket but still most of them do not have any idea how much security risks do we have by owning them. This presentation will introduce involved dangers using the example of Pokémon Go application.

GDPR for beginners and advanced
Date: 02 Oct 2017

Our speaker summarize the main provisions of the GDPR, special days are organized for web shop experts, IT personnel and for lawyers. Ltd. is a data privacy consulting firm founded by Dr András Jóri, former Data Protection Commissioner of Hungary and Andrea Soós, attorney at law.

Margin of the Global Malicious Code Campaign
Date: 02 Oct 2017

Ransomware attacks were focused on public attention in 2017 after the cyber attacks of WannaCry and Petya. This makes us think more about safety of our data and the fact that even though we have tools and methods for defense, a lot of people do not use them to protect their system because of laziness or any other reason.
Date: 03 Oct 2017 conference is the kick-off event of the Hungarian cyber security month campaign. The establishment and maintenance of cyber security is a key issue nowadays, that can be achieved by the cooperation of the public-, private sector and academia. The aim of the conference is to discuss and find possible solutions for the main cyber security trends and challenges ( technical and legislative also).

The NIS and GDPR's impact on European cyber security
Date: 09 Oct 2017

In 2018 we face a lot of changes in connection with data protection and network security within the European Union. The goal of this workshop is to review the legal changes of European cyber security which can affect Hungary with rising its security level.

EY Information Security Seminar - Corporate IT Hygiene, or how can we protect our data better?
Date: 10 Oct 2017

In the event series of the European Cybersecurity Month, EY organises an awareness-raising event for its largest and most affected clients. We would like to draw their attention to the most important risks and to support them in raising the level of protection of their corporate information systems.

How to increase the information security level of corporate clients.

“Fear and Defence”
Date: 10 Oct 2017

It security from the civil users till the ethical hacker

WITSEC Professional day
Date: 11 Oct 2017

The Women in IT security ( WITSEC) Association organize its second professional day in 2017 October 11, where you can hear presentations about the current IT security trends, practical implementation of security controls, and about possible solutions for specific safety issues. These presentations will held by members of the Association and invited speakers. Near the technical and professional presentations, our goal is to present the objectives and activities of the Association at the conference. You can register here for the event:

WITSEC (Women in IT Security) is the association of women working in the field of IT security, whose aim is to destroy the stereotype that IT is exclusively the realm of men. Women are also able to achieve as well as men. Our intention is not to strengthen the gender struggle, but to contribute with our knowledge and abilities to this discipline of science while helping the new generation to integrate into the professional community.

We perceive that there is no shortage of talented and motivated youngsters or novices; mentoring these women and man is the primary aim of WITSEC. Besides professional support, our team also helps with the resolution of problems, conflict management and through the development of skills and self-awareness with the formation of business style.

Our programme has not only been started in order to do something for the profession, but because we perceive this to be an excellent opportunity for promoting IT among the young and especially girls.

Ethical Hacking Day!
Date: 13 Oct 2017

In this event there will be presentations about the current IT security best practices and about the cyber security trends.

IT security evenings at Józsefváros
Date: 13 Oct 2017

In this evening, there will be several awareness raising presentation, to help citizens learn how to use internet and connected devices securely.
The expected topics will be the use of the social media, secure e-banking, secure e- purchase. The importance of child protection and the use of filtering softwares will be presented also.

Smart home and smart city - new types of security challenges in the 2020’s
Date: 16 Oct 2017

Smart devices are useful tools to increase the quality of life but - besides their several advantages - we have to take into consideration their security problems. These risks can be found in many area of our life where they have not even reached the threshold of the average user's sense of security. The goal of this workshop is to deal with the newest trends of this issue.

Infotér Conference
Date: 17 Oct 2017

This three-day conference is the most extensive event of the Hungarian digital ecosystem. In the past few years, we organized the country's only e-health conference on day Zero, which is complemented by a half-day event under the Modern Businesses Program. Traditionally, the evening ends with a few presentations or round-table discussions and a gala dinner with a charity wine auction. On the 1st and 2nd day of the conference, we cover an additional 10-15 topics that we organize jointly with our professional partners. Some topics of this year's conference: blockchain, fintech, cyber protection, industry 4.0, infrastructure, education, strategic programs. The main presentations usually take place in the morning, in the Anna Grand Hotel's Assembly Hall that can seat 300 people. This is followed by sections and panels where we mainly analyse different topics through round-table sessions and presentations. Final presentations are once again held in the Assembly Hall.

This year's Infotér Conference aims at identifying the tasks that will contribute to the success of our country, in which IT and the achievements of the information society comprise a significant part. The economy has no area nowadays in which IT does not play a decisive role, so it goes without saying that from digital agricultural policies through the digital workforce programme and modern businesses, to Industry 4.0 and export development, we will touch on everything with outstanding representatives in their respective fields. In line with the title of the conference, most of the presentations and discussions touch on the topic of the digital age: eHealth, the issue of senior citizens, education, digital competences, open source education, church and digitalization, arts and information technology, while the physiological, social and environmental impacts of digitalization will also be discussed.

Hacktivity – The IT Security Festival in Central & Eastern Europe
Date: 20 Oct 2017

Hacktivity Conference will be held for the fourteenth time in 2017. The conference traditionally brings together the official and alternative representatives of the information security profession with those who are interested in this field in an informal and informative and sometimes deeply technological way. More than 1000 participants attended in the festival last year. We had 1 Diamond, 2 Gold, 10 Silver and another 15 sponsors. The communication was facilitated by HVG, Millás reggeli, HWSW, IT Business, Computerworld and PC World, along with several online newspapers and strategic partners. In the US and some European countries conferences on information security are regularly held with participants including not only corporate executives but also committed IT experts working hands-on in this field as well as students studying IT in higher education. They visit these conferences to get information. In fact these events provide a forum for presenting IT security-related, legal and sociological problems faced by users and often not addressed by other conferences. As a consequence these events are considered unique among conferences focusing on similar topics in all countries. “At the conference experts with IT security certifications (CISA, CISM, CISSP) can collect CPE points for their licence, therefore top IT experts are expected to attend the event.”


1. vulnerabilities of mobile devices,
2. hardware hacking,
3. attack vectors of telecommunication networks,
4. network security,
5. security of operating systems,
6. browser based attacks,
7. misuse of popular applications,
8. database security,
9. possibilities arisen from server errors,
10. info. gathering from business applications,
11. malicious and mobile codes,
12. hacking tools,
13. information warfare,
14. hacker subculture,
15. social engineering,
16. digital forensics,
17. privacy,
18. questions of intellectual properties.

IT security evenings at Józsefváros
Date: 20 Oct 2017

In this evening, there will be several awareness raising presentation, to help citizens learn how to use internet and connected devices securely. The expected topics will be the use of the social media, secure e-banking, secure e- purchase. The importance of child protection and the use of filtering softwares will be presented also.

History of malwares and ransomwares – interesting real life examples
Date: 24 Oct 2017

History of malwares and ransomwares – interesting real life examples, what does a user see when they are under attack, how do they work, what should we pay attention to? Focusing on comprehensibility, presenting malwares and ransomwares online in real action, we help the audience to get around in this topic.

Cyber Careers in the Public Service
Date: 24 Oct 2017

Contrary to the public opinion cyber security is not just a technical or IT issue but at the same time it has a complex political, strategic, legal, economic and military dimension. In public service this viewpoint is exaltedly true. In this workshop we are talking about labor market options in related areas.

The human factor in the IT security
Date: 26 Oct 2017

The workshop’s main objectives are human activities, responsibilities, and opportunities in information technology to increase human security awareness, thereby preventing IT incidents.

In Gateway of Science - Poster Contest and Exhibition
Date: 26 Oct 2017

For years the National University of Public Service organizes the “In Gateway of Science” - Poster Contest and Exhibition, which aims to provide a publication surface for students who are interested in science. The Poster Contest and Exhibition in this year organize a subsection for cyber security issues. The poster submissions is possible to 11/10/2017. More info:

KPMG Cyber Day 2017 in Hungary
Date: 27 Oct 2017

Educating and awareness raising sessions in highschools among children aged 14-16.

This is a worldwide event of KPMG based on harmonized methodology. In Hungary we cooperate with the Kek Vonal Child Crisis Foundation to host classroom discussions about IT security with children in high shools in the capital area. We hope we can make the participants think about IT security from a practical perspective tailored to their age.

Cyber Security Challenges In The National Security
Date: 27 Oct 2017

The “Cyber security challenges in the national security” conference  is organised by the cyber security research team of NUPS’s College for National Security Studies. The purpose of the conference is to collect the experts’ presentations in this field and exhibit the members’ research results mainly in the following topics: the effects and handlings of any cyber-attack against critical infrastructure and the relationship of the BitCoin and Darknet in the Hungarian crime.

IT security evenings at Józsefváros
Date: 27 Oct 2017

In this evening, there will be several awareness raising presentation, to help citizens learn how to use internet and connected devices securely. The expected topics will be the use of the social media, secure e-banking, secure e- purchase. The importance of child protection and the use of filtering software will be presented also.

meeting of the IT Committee of the European Organization for Quality, Hungarian National Committee Dept. IT of the Scientific Society for Infocommunications (ISC)2 Hungary Chapter ISACA Hungary Chapter
Date: 30 Oct 2017

BPR - Business Process Reengineering, and IT security related aspects of a reimplementation of an ERP system lecturer: Zoltán Attila Nagy, Global IT Director, TRIGRANIT

Everyday treatments of our digital environment
Date: 08 Nov 2017

This is the official closure event of the Hungarian ECSM campaign, where the main cyber-security challenges and trends will be on the agenda.