Date: 02 Jun 2016

Cyber security and privacy awareness raising
Date: 21 Oct 2016

In the context of this year’s ECSM, and October themes in cyber security, an event is organised at the premises of University of Piraeus with a goal of raising awareness in various domains in cyber security. Various partners, such as the department of Digital Systems and Systems Security lab of university of Piraeus, the Hellenic Police Cybercrime Division, the Hellenic Authority for Communication Security and Privacy (ADAE), the Networks, Multimedia and Security Systems laboratory of Ionian university and ENISA, join their efforts and present their activities.

Topics that will be presented include: “trends in cyber threats for 2016”, “informing users and subscribers on the protection of communication privacy”, “actions and awareness raising in relation to cybercrimes (focus on “money mules”)”, “password-less authentication”.
Presentations will take place in Greek.

Online Questionnaire on Electronic Communications Privacy
Date: 23 Oct 2016

End users can get security awareness tips and advice on how to protect the confidentiality of their electronic communications via the online questionnaire by ADAE.

ADAE, prepared an Online Questionnaire on Privacy Awareness to increase end users’ awareness on confidentiality and safety of electronic communications. The questionnaire is accessible at:

Mobile Malware Workshop
Date: 25 Oct 2016

Training course on Mobile Malware with the Cyber Crime Unit Police force.

This course has been organized collaboration with the Cyber Crime Unit of Greece and ENISA as part of Cyber Security Month. The topic of the session coincides with the Mobile Malware theme of the week, promoted by Europol.This is a closed event for members of the Greek police force.