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V-ALERT: Virtual World for Information Security Awareness
Date: 01 Nov 2013

V-ALERT project aims to support the establishment of an Information Security culture in different ICT user target groups such as pupils and teachers, ICT students, academics and enterprise employees by providing awareness through an immersive on-line 3D virtual world learning environment. V-ALERT is co-funded by Framework Lifelong Learning Programme / Key Activity 3 – ICT / Multilateral Project (European Commission, EACEA).

The 3D virtual world learning environment of V-ALERT will simulate real-life Information Security threat scenarios, allowing users to gain first-hand experience of the different risks and threats, though in a safe manner.

The main goal of the project is to prompt all target groups of the end-users to develop a new mentality and culture related to safe computing. More specifically, V-ALERT project aims to:

  • enrich pupils’ awareness on Information Security through collaboration, critical thinking and “learning by doing”.
  • empower teachers to adopt novel ICT approaches in teaching and also offer them the chance to become aware of Information Security risks.
  • help enterprise employees realize their crucial role in securing information assets of the enterprise, allowing them to ‘safely’ experience the security risks, the types of countermeasures available, the situations in which they are suitable and any constraints that they may impose.
  • expand and consolidate the existing Information Security knowledge of ICT students and University/College Professors of various expertise.