Secure file sharing - does it exist?

DocRAID - secure enterprise file sharing by AvailabilityPlus GmbH

Concerns about information security are the #1 reason for companies and private individuals not to adopt cloud services. Loss of data and strategic reconnaissance endanger the success of innovative enterprises. Mass surveillance endangers the freedom of everybody. However, cloud services are essential in improving efficiency and cost structures. We show solutions to bridge that gap.

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Time & Place

11 Oct 2016 00:00 to 30 Nov 2016 00:00
Berlin Germany

Target Audience

Teams, corporations, administrations, medical, automotive, legal, insurances, ..., IT security officers, data protection officers, CIOs


Encryption, as promised by many cloud service providers and other providers is not sufficient. Encryption keys are often held at the cloud providers site, encryption mechanisms do not seamlessly integrate into existing business processes and encryption can be broken. In our previous businesses the DocRAID team has broken many encryption technologies, the costs for a standard encryption key is roughly 1 USD. Also we have learned in the past that encryption has been compromised at the standards level. And a less that seamless integration into existing processes will lead to bypassing by employees. As a summary it is safe to say that current protection technologies are cumbersome, bypassed by users and are not future proof.

The DocRAID® Cloud-RAID technology combines multiple mechanisms to protect your data in the cloud. First, files are fragmented, i.e. sent through a shredder. The fragments are then encrypted and redundantly distributed over a number of storages. No one storage contains all fragments needed to recover any given file. A potential attacker would only see encrypted fragments.

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