E-Learning „Security Awareness“
Date: 01 Oct 2016

The security consultancy SIUS Consulting offers innovative security awareness training via e-learning. To obtain a free online access within the ECSM 2016 ,send an e-mail with the subject "ECSM 2016 - Free access" to

Date: 01 Oct 2016

Initial analysis of the security status of your SAP system

1. BayWiDI Workshop IT security as a legal challenge
Date: 10 Oct 2016

The 1st BayWiDI workshop in Passau will present the research project and provide the legal basis for IT security. The workshop is primarily aimed at small and medium sized companies from Bavaria. Objective of the workshop is to provide the legal basis and thus constitutes optimization of IT security.

Online security for seniors
Date: 30 Oct 2016

Workshop for internet users

- What is the Internet?
- How to use the Internet?
- Entertainment on the Internet , e-mails
avoid risks in the network
- Securely online with mobile phones, smartphones and tablets
- Internet privacy
- Travel booking on the net, online banking, payment on the net