Event 11
Date: 01 Sep 2015

MOOC on Cyber security

Cyber Security Career Lifecycle™ Pilot Program
Date: 15 Sep 2015

The Cyber Security Career Lifecycle™, as defined by the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), is a systematic approach that: - Enables professionals to discover the areas of weakness in their skill sets and aptitudes - Defines personalized career map according to the individuals knowledge, skills, aptitudes and interest - Provides guidance, resources, and a support system to achieve skills and career goals

ISSA France chapter will be beta testing the Cyber Security Career Lifecycle program with its members during the whole month of october

The Weakest Link: A user security game
Date: 29 Sep 2015

This is an online game designed specifically to educate and raise awareness of user security and insider threat.

The game takes a question and answer format similar to a ‘choose your own adventure’ style. The players task is to make it through their first month at a new imaginary employer without too many security ‘slip ups’. A different scenario is posed for each working day, with options for responses. The player then loses points for the choosing a non-secure option, or gains for making a secure choice. The aim is to survive the month without losing too many points.

Provider of SaaS IT and Security awareness solutions
Date: 01 Oct 2015

Assess your awareness freely Conscio Technologies offers SMB's the ability to audit their employees awareness freely during the European Cyber Security Month. A dedicated interface providing 30 questions that will let you measure precisely their knowledge about IT security : malware, legal aspects, phishing, mobility, password, ... Conscio Technologies provides companies with online tailor-made solutions to measure employees' awareness regarding online security and creates for you online awareness campaigns to guarantee your business continuity through recreational content, videos and quiz.

Ready-to-go online campaigns to audit and raise awareness among security IT topics :
- Awareness-Raising Campaign : Designed to meet key international standards and the demands of certification audits (such as FISMA, ISO, HIPAA, PCI, ...).
- Interactive Contents : For setting up a practical, real-life example of the relevant situation or problem. Powerful to stimulate your co-workers' interest.
- Performance monitoring : RapidAwareness generates a complete report to take stock of the results and impacts of the awareness-raising campaign that has been conducted.

Our topics:
Our topics
- Information Security Awareness
- PCI-DSS Security Awareness
- HIPAA Awareness Training
- Privacy Training

3ÈMES Rencontres Parlementaires de la Cybersécurité
Date: 21 Oct 2015

Une journée de débats, d'échanges et de rencontres sur la cybersécurité, sous animation parlementaire et avec le soutien des institutions françaises en charge de ces questions - l'ANSSI, le ministère de l'Intérieur, le ministère de la Défense, etc

Des tables rondes, une master class, un espace de rencontres-ateliers-démonstrations, des rendez-vous individualisés pour les entreprises avec l'ANSSI et la DGA, des démonstrations organisées par CCI France de serious games sur la sécurité économique et numérique