“Raising preparedness of vital service providers for responding to an emergency”
Date: 02 Oct 2015

Educational seminar for vital service providers on cyber risk management

The aim of this event is to provide guidance to vital service providers (critical information infrastructure) about cyber risk management and to facilitate information exchange and collaboration during cyber incidents.

The seminar is conducted in the form of lectures (explaining crisis management regulations and best practices) and practical exercises to encourage skill development and effective use of obtained knowledge.

"Abuse@ee 2015"
Date: 07 Oct 2015

Cybersecurity workshop targeted to ISPs and Web service providers

Annual 2-day community building workshop involving ISPs and Web service providers operating in Estonia. The goal of this interactive event is to familiarise the participants with each other and raising awareness about new cybersecurity problems. The focus is on exchanging information about malware, exploit kits, ongoing attacks, break-ins, defacements etc. The participants also share best practices for handling incidents.