"Smart device safety" campaign
Date: 02 Oct 2016

Communication campaign on secure usage of smart devices, that aims to rise risk awareness among smart device users.

The campaign introduces the principles for safe use and defines "smart device safety" as a concept for the wider public.

Campaign target audience is 25-49 year olds - active and carefree users of smart devices and cross-users of the devices.

The campaign will take place in two waves – the first wave will launch on 3 October 2016 and last until the end of October, the second one will take place in May, 2017. Targeted PR-activities will be carried out between the two waves. The first wave of the campaign includes commercials on TV channels, in cinemas and the Internet (including social media), and the second, reminder wave will concentrate on Internet channels (including social media).

The campaign is a part of NutiKaitse 2017 project (The Estonian Smart Device Security Project) led by Look@World Foundation. NutiKaitse 2017 partners include Swedbank, SEB Bank, Certification Center, Telia Eesti, Tele2 Eesti, Elisa Eesti and Information System Authority representing the government.

The work is carried out from the EU structural aid support scheme "Raising awareness about the Information Society" (European Regional Development Fund) in cooperation with Tank advertising agency.

The campaign is centered on the campaign landing page, which will be located at