Czech Republic


ICS Cyber Security
Date: 21 Jun 2017

1st security seminar focused on cyber security in Industrial Control systems organized in the Czech Republic

ICS, Cyber Security, CIIP, Cyber Awarness

eGovernment Cloud
Date: 22 Jun 2017

51st security seminar organized by Czech AFCEA focused on recent cyber and security topics

The event is organized in Czech language only

Czech High School Cyber Security Competition 2017
Date: 01 Sep 2017

The official national High School Competition in Cyber Security

Czech High School Cyber Security Competition addresses more than 1.400 High schools and more than 500.000 students in Czech Republic

CyberSecurity V
Date: 20 Sep 2017

5th annual edition of a Security Seminar focused on Cyber Security and CIIP

Future of Cyber Security, Cyber Awarness, Critical Information Infrastructure Protection

Date: 12 Oct 2017

The first CEE Scada Security conference will be focused on following topics: Recent and future cyber threats and solutions; New technological trends in ICS security; Cyber security as an investment to protect own businesses and entire society; Industry 4.0 (IoT) vs. ICS security; Human factor and related topics; Business opportunities in the cyber security area

Critical information infrastructure forms the backbone of modern society. The industrial control systems (ICS) are an important part of the critical infrastructure, unfortunately not enough emphasis has been put on them despite the fact that the cyber-attacks on ICS are significantly increased within last couple of years.

The conference will focus mainly on current topics in the field of security of ICS and related topics. The conference will create a unique forum for the partners and participants to discuss and exchange information and experience in ICS and cyber security, search for future solutions, in particular through the involvement of major world-renowned experts in the field of security and ISC systems.

The event is organized as a regional one involving at least the V4 countries, Germany and Austria (V4 + 2). The intention is to create a new platform for professionals in the field of security of industrial control systems.

Social media and security
Date: 20 Nov 2017

53rd Security Seminar of Czech AFCEA focused on recent cyber themes

Social media, cyber security, regulations, standards, legal aspects