Workshop on Novel Approaches in Risk and Security Management For Critical Infrastructures
Date: 19 Sep 2017

A 2-day workshop introducing new concepts, methodologies and tools for supporting the protection of critical infrastructures.

Critical infrastructures have increasingly moved into the focus of cyber criminals and hacktivists over the last years. Thus, a comprehensive and well-integrated risk and security management has become of particular importance to those organizations. Nevertheless, current frameworks and methodologies often do not meet the specific needs of critical infrastructures and their highly interconnected cyber-physical systems.

In this workshop, new methodologies, concepts and tools towards the security and risk assessment for critical infrastructures will be presented. Being developed in several EU projects, these approaches reflect the leading-edge research activities on critical infrastructure protection. The workshop sessions will cover innovative concepts for identification and analysis of attacker behaviour and potential threats, the assessment of cascading effects in infrastructure networks, the influence of the human factor on security and the protection of physical perimeter. An additional focus of the workshop will be current legislation and standardization initiatives. Furthermore, live demonstrations will be prepared to showcase the implementation of these concepts in realistic use case scenarios.

Security Awareness Planspiel
Date: 19 Oct 2017

planning game with focus on decision-making & group dynamics

The purpose of this game-based training is that the contacts for security of the internal customers follow the usual approach of modern cyber-attackers in different phases of the attack process and increase awareness of their own exposition
to have.
This knowledge is intended to contribute to a lasting change in the behavior and thus to increase the information security of the company.